SF 2235

Would allow prosecutors to charge anyone who conducts an “unauthorized and overt act intended to cause …substantial and widespread interruption or impairment of a fundamental service rendered by the critical infrastructure“ with a Class B felony and between $85,000 – $100,000 in fines. [PolluterWatch]

SSB 1140

Heightened Penalties For “Riot,” “Unlawful Assembly,” Protests That Block Traffic, And Defacing Monuments. [ICNL]

SF 534

Heightened penalties for protesters convicted of “riot,” “unlawful assembly,” or blocking traffic, and immunity for drivers who injure them. [ICNL]

HF 430

Heightened Penalties for Protesters Who Block Streets and Sidewalks. [ICNL]

SF 342

Heightened Penalties for Protesters Convicted of “Riot,” “Unlawful Assembly,” or Blocking Traffic, and Immunity for Drivers Who Injure Them. [ICNL]